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In many challenged communities, our houses of worship have been the bastions of stability and the initiators of family, community, and economic development programs. The United Clergy Task Force (UCTF) gives these faith communities the ability to realize long held desires to provide quality housing, state of the art schools, health and elder care facilities, retail resources, sanctuaries, and a shared space for youth and community recreation without surrendering their land or hard won financial resources.  

The UCTF empowers these faith communities with the ability to contribute to and control the employment process of both the construction phase and the “leave behind” commercial, health care, educational, building management, and community service employment. To ensure that these developments take the shape of community empowerment as opposed to gentrification, the UCTF is partnering with the AFL-CIO's Housing Investment Trust who are investing capital, professional, and organizational resources on a mass scale. Additionally, this partnership with organized labor, including the Building Trades of Greater New York, the NYC Central Labor Council, and the Consortium for Worker Education will enable the UCTF to create nationally unique workforce development initiatives that transform the economic landscape of our communities. 

The UCTF is actively developing seven faith based mixed-use affordable housing developments in the New York Metropolitan area, a further seventh in North Carolina. In Puert Rico, the UTCF is leading a coalition of US based Universities, Foundations and community groups be advising a dozen municipalities in sustainable disaster recovery through the construction of housing, manufacturing facilities, health care infrastructure and schools.

For more information or an application to become a UCTF participating community, please contact us at your convenience.

1) Thessalonica Christian Church - 

2) Iglesia Nuevo Amancer "La Hermosa" - no website 

3) Westchester United Methodist Church - 

4) Al Iman Plaza - The Islamic Leadership School 

5) Bay Ridge Community Church - 

6) Heavenly Temple Church of God -